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More information about Red Apples...

Red Apples’ is our next transition room after Blossoms, along with ‘Green Apples’.  Children can start in Red Apples at any age, although we generally start at two years nine months. Children can claim three and four year old funding (free entitlement) the term after their third birthday. In addition to this, your child may be eligible for pupil premium. Please see Fees and Funding for more details and eligibility criteria.


In ‘Red Apples’ we follow the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’, which continues into the reception year at school. There is more information about this to follow, but essentially, the curriculum is designed for the children to be involved in hands on activities; we learn through play! You will see role play in the home corner, play dough, painting, cutting and sticking, free drawing, dressing up, table top play, free play on the carpet, sand and water play, construction and even some disco dancing.

You will notice that we encourage the children’s writing skills by them having access to pens and paper at all times and also by encouraging children to become confident in their own special writing. We encourage the children to recognise their own names by asking them to find their own caterpillars (with your help of course).


You can come and see us at any time to discuss your child, if you have any concerns please talk to your key person or one of us in the office.  As with our ‘Blossoms’ room, staff take lots of lovely photos of your child from their very first day and upload this on to their online learning journal ‘Tapestry’ for you to review at your leisure. For more information on ‘Tapestry’ please follow this link.

We would like you, as parents and the primary educators of your children, to be involved in their time at nursery/pre-school; therefore, if you would like to come in and read a story to the children, or would like to come and talk about your work or hobbies, we would love to see you. Equally, if you have exciting news or have been on a special day out over the weekend, please tell us and we can incorporate this information in our planning and activities.


In addition, please check the parent information board (located on the window outside of the Red Apples room) for any up to date information about events we are focussing on and would like any involvement/participation from you at home. Each week we have allocated ‘show and tell’ days – again these dates for the current week are displayed on the parent information board. Please discourage your child from brining in personal items from home unless it is a show and tell day. Please speak to a member of staff if you would like more information on this.

You may also wish to check your child’s drawer each time you collect as well, as there maybe a wonderful creation that your child has made for you to take home. We hope your child has a lovely time in Apples; they will make special friends and get involved in many exciting activities. We look forward to starting our adventure together…





Well-planned play, both indoors and outdoors, is a key way in which young children learn with enjoyment and challenge. In playing, they behave in different ways: sometimes their play will be boisterous, sometimes they will describe and discuss what they are doing, and sometimes they will be quiet and reflective as they play.

We believe that


‘Children don’t just play… they talk, observe, question, plan, experiment, test, predict, repeat, reflect and respond to adults and other children.’


The Learning Environment

Our environment is designed to allow free access to all areas of the curriculum at all times, to encourage the children to have a sense of belonging and the freedom to learn through fun, hands on, practical experiences, which are suitable to the children’s own interests and stage of development.




Identifying Personal Belongings

You will need to provide your child with a spare change of clothes in a bag, each day. As you can appreciate, we care for up to twenty four children each session and it can be difficult to find your child’s belongings amongst all the others unless it has a name on it to identify it as theirs. That is why we ask that you please mark all your child’s belongings with a permanent marker to avoid confusion. If you would like any further advice on marking belongings, please feel free to discuss this with your child’s key worker. We do have order forms available to order name tags if required.


Toys from Home

We are a very well equipped nursery with a wide range of toys and resources for the children to play with and learn from. Therefore, we respectfully ask that children do not bring their own toys from home (with the exception of ‘comforters’ which can be left on your child’s peg if they need reassurance and that extra bit of security).


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