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Sunflower Competition

By manager, Jul 8 2018 10:00AM

This year we decided to start a new tradition! Each child potted their own sunflower seed and took them home to look after. We invited parents and relatives to keep us updated on the progress of their sunflowers over a period of six-seven weeks!

We recieved so many wonderful updates, stories and pictures....it became a family affair with everyone helping out. Once parents started recording measurements, it all became very competetive. A huge thank you to everyone who took part and kept us informed.

The winner was announced on the 20th July and will have their name and measurements displayed on a gold plaque, which will be on a handcrafted wooden sunflower. The sunflower will have pride of place in our reception area and your child’s name will become part of Orchard’s history as the years go by.

We will then hold an annual competition and add more gold plaques to our sunflower.

Our well deserved winner was Isaac Cheater (Blossoms) Congratulations to Isaac, his Mummy, Daddy and brother and sister. You took such good care of your sunflower and kept us regularly updated on it’s progress. It had reached a whopping 175cm. We are all very proud you!

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