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Ice age....

By manager, Jan 12 2018 04:44PM

Since returning to Orchard Day Nursery after Christmas, the children in Green apples have been talking about Penguins. We started to look at pictures of them, reading books and learning about all things Penguin.

We reinacted the life of a penguin through role play, dressing up, creating ice structures, constructing igloos, hand puppet play, observational drawings, exploring ice and sensory play.

We are hoping over the coming weeks to experiment with more structures, finding out lots of interesting facts about Penguins such as their environment, habitat and friends. Some of the children have even been visiting Penguins at the weekend with their families to support their interests further!

We will write a letter to Marwell Zoo about the children's keen interest in Penguins and look forward to receiving their response. Watch this space for updates!!

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