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At Orchard, we feel it is highly important that children are provided with a healthy balanced diet. Therefore we have developed our menu using guidance and recipes from leading nutritionists. Our in-house chefs; Jo and Margaret prepare all the nursery meals which are very popular with the children!


We operate a four-week menu, and change it twice yearly for summer and winter seasonal variations, this ensures your children have a wide variety of meals, encouraging healthy eating right from the start.


Meal times are viewed as a social occasion and staff sit at the table with the children, role modelling good table manners and social skills. At mealtimes, we support children to be independent, to share with others and to talk with their friends.

When weaning your baby, please speak to your child’s key person, so that we can follow your requirements. Our baby room team will be available to give advice and support when it is time to start weaning.


Breakfast consists of a choice of cereals and toast, served with fruit juice, water or milk.


Lunch is a two course meal, freshly prepared in our kitchen, and is served appropriately prepared for the children (pureed, mashed, chopped etc.) Older children learn to serve themselves, developing skills in making choices and independence.


High Tea is served at around 4pm, it is a light meal, consisting of sandwiches, soups and rolls, home cooked cakes or biscuits and fruit or vegetable crudités, please note that our high tea is designed to be a light meal, so that children can enjoy a meal or light supper at home at the end of their nursery day.

Food and Nutrition

Please click below to download the sample menus:

Food and Nutrition

Fresh drinking water is available throughout the day.


Morning and afternoon snacks are also provided, consisting of carbohydrates for energy (e.g. crackers or breadsticks) and a selection of fresh fruit or vegetables.


All allergies can be catered for, please ask Angela (our nursery manager) for more information.


We are inspected by Dorset County Council Environmental Health Department and have consistently scored the top rating of five stars at every annual visit.

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