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More information about Blossoms...

‘Blossoms’ is our toddler room, providing care for children aged eighteen months up to three years of age. These age categories are very flexible and each transition will always be centered around your child’s physical and emotional development, rather than their age.


Your starting point may be your very first introduction to Orchard Day Nursery, or it may be that your child is making their first room transition from Pips. Either way, to ensure that continuity of care is our priority, we offer a similar settling in procedure as Pips.


If you and your child are new to Orchard Day Nursery we will offer you a home visit. The key person will visit you and your child at home to learn all about their individual daily routine, key information regarding health and well-being and to spend some time playing with your child.


Following on from the home visit, we offer an open ended introductory period to enable you and your child to settle in with us over a period of time. These sessions can be booked during times that are convenient to you and are normally for about one-two hours each time (although this can vary for each child) you are invited to stay with your child until you (and he/she) feels ready. This settling in period is offered to all children as they move from room to room throughout the Nursery.


As with our ‘Pips’ room, staff take lots of lovely photos of your child from their very first day and upload this on to their online learning journal ‘Tapestry’ for you to review at your leisure. For more information on ‘Tapestry’ Please see the tab under Parent Partnership.


To follow is more information about your child becoming a ‘Blossom’ and snap shot in to their day….

If you would like to have breakfast with us, please ask who ever brings you to nursery if you can arrive before 8:30am as there is lots of fun to have and breakfast is for early in the morning. If we have breakfast in Blossoms, we all sit down at a table and eat breakfast together.


At about 9:30am we sit down together and have ‘Circle Time’. This is where we take time to have group activities and further our development by finding our photograph and name to see ‘who is here today?’; this time is also used for us to tell our friends about any news that we have. We like ‘circle time’ because we sing songs and have stories too.


After ‘circle time’ we go outside to play, in the winter we put on our wellie boots and rain coats and wrap up warm. We have a great time splashing in the puddles! In the summer we put sun cream on to stop the sun from burning our skin and we have to put hats on to keep our heads safe from the sun too. We have a climbing frame and slide, a big sandpit, lots of bikes and bats and balls, sometimes we go up to the school field and have a nature trail. There are so many things but sometimes we just like to run and run and run.


At about 10:00am we have snack, which is always something healthy, we have fruit or vegetable sticks. We have a drink too, we can have milk to make our bones grow strong or we can have water to keep our bodies healthy. If you have an allergy your mummy or daddy must tell someone in the office so we can help to keep you safe.


In Blossoms we play lots and lots, we are all involved with something that the grown-ups call The ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’, they say we learn through play and that’s what makes our day such fun! We have a great time with role play in the home corner or the shop, sometimes we have things like the hairdressers or the doctors and we can dress up too. We love being creative with play dough, painting, cutting and sticking, free drawing, sand and water play and even some disco dancing too. Sometimes though we just like to play quietly with a puzzle or a game or snuggle up with a book.

At lunch time we all sit together at about 11.45 and eat our lunch.


We have some very yummy lunches, which the nice staff in the kitchen cook especially for us; we also have very, very delicious puddings. After we eat our pudding, we have a small cube of cheese or a drink of milk to take the sugar off our teeth to keep them healthy.


After lunch we do even more playing and activities, we go outside to play again and we have a quiet time too, it is really nice to have a rest as we always have such busy mornings we often need a lie down on a sleep mat with the lights off and the nice soft music playing, sometimes we even fall asleep for a little while but the grown-ups wake us up if our mummies and daddies don’t want us to sleep for long.


At about 4.30pm we sit down together to have our tea, which is a high-tea such as sandwiches with lots of yummy fillings, vegetable sticks and fruit, yoghurt or homemade cakes for pudding.


In Blossoms we learn to use the potty or the toilet so we don’t need to wear nappies any more. When you are ready you should tell your mummy and daddy or a nursery grown up and then when you wear big boys or girl pants and do what you need to do on the potty or the toilet you will get a sticker and everyone thinks you are really clever, but they don’t mind if we have accidents, they just say “never mind, try again next time” and help us to put clean clothes on, you must remind mummy and daddy to put lots of spare clothes in your bag just in case though.


We all have a ‘key person’ who is responsible for forming a special relationship with us and our families. The staff say they “like to recreate a homely environment within the nursery”. We do much more ‘messy stuff’ at nursery than we do at home though and we often go home mucky but happy.

If your mummy or daddy has any questions about you becoming a Blossoms they can come and talk to your key person or Debbie or Angela in the office, we look forward to seeing you soon and showing you what great fun we have.


Whilst we have a timetable, it is only a guide as with children it is not possible to be kept to the minute. Often, we will be having so much fun, we won’t want to stop to tidy up!


Well-planned play, both indoors and outdoors, is a key way in which young children learn with enjoyment and challenge. In playing, they behave in different ways: sometimes their play will be boisterous, sometimes they will describe and discuss what they are doing, and sometimes they will be quiet and reflective as they play.


We believe that

‘Children don’t just play… they talk, observe, question, plan, experiment, test, predict, repeat, reflect and respond to adults and other children.’


Daily Diaries

At the end of each session for your information and reassurance, you will be given your child’s Daily Diary sheet. We will tick the correct box on how well your child has eaten throughout the day and refer you to view our menus displayed on the door to find out what your child has eaten.


The ‘Nappy and toileting’ box will give you details of times your child was changed, marked with either W for a wet nappy or S for a soiled one.


The ‘Please could I have some more:’ box will be written in if your child is running low on essentials such as nappies or wipes, and serves as a reminder for you to bring fresh supplies.

‘When I slept’ is completed after any periods of sleep, so you have a record of the times your little one went to sleep and woke up.


‘Medicine’ will only be completed on the odd occasion when we need to administer medication to your child. This will only be done with prior permission from you, and once the medication has been administered the box will be completed with details of the medicine name, the dose given and the time(s) it was administered. You will also need to sign your child’s medication record which is kept in the room.


The ‘Accident’ box is really self-explanatory. It will contain all details of any accidents, no matter how minor, that has involved your little one, you will also need to sign an accident form which a member of staff will show you.


The ‘My day today’ box will contain information that is personal to your child, about how they have been, and an insight into the activities they have taken part in. General information about things the group have done such as what story they listened to is written on the white board just to the right of their door.



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